How to add items to 2023 Metaverse map fair catalog

If you are an professional antique map, globe or instrument dealer you are invited to add items to the catalog.
You may add a description and photo by submitting the below form.

Paris Map Fair Metaverse catalog

Make a round in the Paris Metaverse gallery which shows a sampling of maps, globes and scientific instruments available for sale.

Each participant may list, free of charge, one antique maps, globes, instruments, travel books to this in the catalog and your items will be listed in this online catalog for 12 months. Additional images or movies for as little as 5.00 euros per listing.

You may list as many items as you like and you can add an item by submitting the below form. 

Each item will direct the viewer to your website. 

Add an image or movie by submitting below form


Please provide HR images in JPG format at a minimum width of 2500 pixels. Also provide the website address to which you want to link the item.

Have a look at the gallery here.