Europae totius orbis..., Cologne, 1592.



Europae totius orbis... Cologne, 1592.

In attractive strong original colours. 250x180mm.

Quarto. Title-page and 46 maps without text on verso in gorgeous full original colours. Blind-tooled brown calf in the style of the 16th century (Pastiche binding). Size of binding 250x180mm.) The left half of map (10) of "Misniae et Lusatiae Tabula" is missing. Engraved frontispiece soiled (restored) backed on later strong paper, with some old inscriptions in ink. Paper slightly browning and brown spotting throughout. Some minor restorations in the margins. Fine example in very strong and fresh strictly contemporary colours.

Early edition of this scarce atlas illustrated with an engraved frontispiece and 46 original hand coloured double-page maps (half of the map "Misniae" is missing) without text on verso.

Bound with a manuscript list of the maps in French : "Table des Cartes contenues dans cet Atlas". The maps bearing old handwritten numbers on verso and titles translated into French above each map.

The atlas contains maps of all parts of Europe engraved by Johann Bussemacher or Matthias Quad, many with medallion portraits (among Philip II of Spain son of Emperor Charles V).

The maps of Austria and Braunschweig dated 1593.

The early editions published in 1592-1593 were printed with no fixed number and no precise order of the maps and without text on verso. Meurer only knows 5 copies.

Contents : Europe, Germaniae, Bohemia, Helvetia, Austria, Moravia, Prussiae Descriptio, Marca Brandenburgensis, & Pomerania, Saxonum regionis, Misniae et Lusatiae Tabula (only right hand part of th map), Mansfeldiae Comitatus, Francia Orientalis, Sueviae, Salisburgensis, Bavaria Ducatus, Elsatia superior, Alsatia inferior, Braunswick Ducatus, Waldeck comitatus, Habes...Westphaliae, Trier, En tibi... Ducatus Geldriae, Gronigensis..descriptio, Frisiae, Hollandia, Zelandicarum insularum, Brabantiae, Flandria Galliae Belgicae, Namurcum, Lutzenburgensis, Artesia, Angliae regni, Scotiae Tabula, Regni Hispaniae, Portugalliae, Franciae, Burgundiae inferioris, Lotharingiae ducatus, Italia, Sicilia (with portrait of Philip II of Spain son of Emperor Charles V), Graeciae, Hungariae, Poloniae, Ducatus Oswieczensis, Daniae regni, Thietmarsiae Holsatiae.

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