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Anything About Any map fair
London - Paris - Miami
Rome - San Francisco - Milan - Naples

Map Fairs around the world

2018 Miami  Map Fair

February 2 - 4,  2018

2018 London Map Fair

June 9 - 10,  2018

San Francisco Map Fair

September 15-17, 2017

Roma Map Fair

29-30 September / 1 October 2017

Paris Map Fair

3 November 2018

2018 Milano Map Fair

Janury 20, 2018 

2nd Napoli Map Fair

April 6 - 7 2018

Rocky Mountain Map Fair


Virtual Art Book & Map Fair

A site offering maps and prints

Interesting websites

AbeMaps - the antique map source

AbeMaps stands for Auction, Buy, Explore antique MAPS.
Find historical auction results of 10,000 and more maps.
Large online map galley with 1000's of maps
available for immediatesale.

HiBCoR Map Grading System

A grading system can help the starting collector to set his focus. We realize that such a grading system is subjective and to some extent, vary between the types of maps graded.
In a nutshell, four key items determine a map's value: historical importance, beauty, condition and -rarity.

MapBan Advisory List

Sales of many Antique Map dealers are now-a-days done over the internet. Unfortunately not all buyers placing online orders are paying their bill for one or another reason.
Registered bona fide map dealers can add and have access to the MapBan advisory banlist of antique map buyers with unpaid invoices.