How to add items to 2021 map fair catalog

If you are an professional antique map, globe or instrument dealer you are invited to add items to the catalog.
You may add a description and photo by submitting the below form.

You may list antique maps, globes, instruments, travel books to this catalog and your items will be listed in this online catalog for 12 months for as little as 5.00 euros per listing.

You may list as many items as you like and you can add an item by submitting the below form. Each listing includes one image, additional images per single listing a subject to a 1 euro surcharge per image.

Prospective buyers will contact you directly by email and if an item is sold we will remove the item. A new listing is subject to the euros 2,00 listing fee.

Add an item and image submitting below form


Please provide HR images in JPEG or TIF format at a minimum width of 2500 pixels. If you need professional High Resolution photo's of your maps, globes or instrument.

Contact Marianne Hermann  (cellphone: 06 22 14 47 73) of if you have questions or if you are in need of HR images to be  taken from your instruments, globes of maps. Participants of the Paris Map Fair do get a special discount.

Below some samples please visit full catalog here

Librairie Loeb-Larocque

RAZAUD / VISSCHER, N. Plan géometral de la ville citadelles... , Amsterdam, c.1680


A fine Dutch Holland circle,
signed "J. v. Wyk, 1757

Librairie Loeb-Larocque

L.J. Waghenaer - The sea coastes of the landes of Poyctou ... , Amsterdam, 1588

Le Zograscope

French celestial globe with a signed cartouche by Jean Pigeon, circa 1720

Paulus Swaen

A. Cellarius, Coeli Stellati Christiani Haemisphaerium Prius. Amsterdam 1660

Le Zograscope

Miniature French reflecting telescope 
France, 1760/1770