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Jean Pigeon

French celestial globe with a signed cartouche


French celestial globe with a signed cartouche

Jean Pigeon, French celestial

France, circa 1720

French celestial globe with a signed cartouche :

“Ce Globe du Ciel a été dessiné selon l’Observation presente de la [sic] l’Astronomie de Paris de trois cens étoiles de Jean Pigeon Mathe[maticien] dedié à S.A.R. Mgr le Duc d’Orleans”.

The globe is 13.5 cm diameter and about 21 cm high, mounted on its original four-legged Dutch-style base.

Jean Pigeon is one of the pioneers in France, with Bion and Delisle, in the production of terrestrial and celestial globes as well as spheres. He remained famous for designing the first sphere with a clock system based on the heliocentric theories of Copernicus.

All the globes signed by Pigeon are particularly rare, this one with a cartouche in French was well realized during his lifetime. There are later Latin versions of the same globes.

€ 13500.

OFFERED BY Le Zograscope

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