Navarre. Miniature French reflecting telescope

[France], 1760/1770


Navarre.  Miniature French reflecting telescope in green shagreen.

Place and Date [France], 1760/1770

A very rare signed example of a miniature French Gregorian/reflecting telescope by “Navarre in Paris”.

The optical tube measures 17.4 cm length with the eyepiece cap. This kind of miniature reflecting telescope is about the smallest that a reflecting telescope of its type could be made.

The French examples are rare ; the signed examples rarest.

The telescope fit on a folded tripod foot. The optical tube is fixed to it by means of a typical joint of the production of the miniature telescopes by François Navarre, even if in an archaic style.

The focal length of the smallest mirror is adjusted by the play of a rotating ring mounted on the top side. This technique is attributed to Navarre.

The two small mirrors are original (a reinforcement weld is at the base of the steel rod that carries the smaller of the two).

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