Johannes Janssonius

A pair of extremely rare table globes

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A pair of extremely rare table globes by Johannes Janssonius

Amsterdam 1623 /1648

Diameter: 44 cm. (17 in.)

Height: 65 cm. (26 in.)

A pair of terrestrial and celestial globes prepared by Jodocus Hondius the younger (1597-1651), engraved by Abraham Goos and first published by Hondius and his brother-in-law Johannes Janssonius in 1623, the terrestrial

globe here in its first state (1623) and the celestial globe in its second (1648).

Each with 12 engraved gores and 2 engraved polar caps over a plaster-covered core. Each globe in a new oak stand in 17th-century style with a facsimile paper horizon ring.

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