Lucien Boucher

AIR France - Sur les ailes d'Air France découvrez le monde à votre tour.


Editeur / Artist : BOUCHER, L.

Titre : AIR France - Sur les ailes d'Air France découvrez le monde à votre tour.

Date : Perceval, Paris, 1952

Dimensions : 350 x 573mm.

Color : In printed colours.

Condition : The medium format edition. A few marginal repaired tears, in very good condition.

Promotional poster of a double hemisphere world map designed by Lucien Boucher for AIR France. The map depicts the entire world in rich blues and burgundies with gold highlighting. Air France routes are highlighted in red.

The hemispheres are filled with two airplanes soaring through the skies, and in the oceans there are ships, a whale, Neptune, and a couple old-fashioned sea monsters.

The surround, on a field of burgundy, features in top and bottom corners natives of North and South America meeting the Europeans, and scenes of Asians and Africans. Between the hemispheres, there is an ornate compass rose and an inset zooming in on the flight routes available in western Europe. Behind the title banner, there are monuments from some of the great cities of Europe.

Lucien Boucher (1889-1971), was a French draftsman, engraver, poster designer and illustrator, and he is best known for his long-standing collaboration with Air France, for which he produced a series of advertising posters and colour maps for decorating offices.

Printed by Perceval of Paris in 1952.

The poster has always occupied a special place in Air France's communication. With a heritage of more than 1,500 posters by the most prestigious illustrators and artists, the Company has one of the richest collections in the world. Air France uses well-known posters like Savignac, Solon and Cassandre, for example, the Company also innovates by turning to recognized artists such as Cocteau, Mathieu, Brenet, Picart Ledoux or Vasarely.

Born in Chartre, he studied at the École de Céramique de Sèvres. He made his debut at the Salon d'Automne in 1921, becoming a member in 1923; he also exhibited at the Salon de l'Araignée from 1924-1930. As well as lithographs, Boucher also made wood engravings, and drawings in watercolour and gouache.

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