DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste. 

The Kingdom of Korea, Korea, 1738.

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DU HALDE, Johann Baptiste.

The Kingdom of Korea [called by the Chinese Kau-Li-Qua and by the Manchews Solho Koron.],

Paris, 1738.

First appearing in French c.1735 under the title Royaume de Coree, this was the earliest separate map of Korea to appear in any European publication.

This English edition was issued in 1738 and boasts an entirely re-engraved title cartouche and the addition of a lengthy legend which begins, 'This Map was Copy’d from one in the King of Korea’s Palace, by a Chinese Lord, sent on an Embassy to that Monarch by the Emperor of China in 1710.'

There is also a new inscription to John David Barbut, Secretary to the Post Master General.  

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